Thermae's sweethearts

03 Februari 2019

Our very first Thermae sweethearts is the lovely Marianne Faes. We invited her and her hubby to spend a little quality time at Thermae before the Valentine rush and picked her brain about their Valentine's day plans! 

How did you and your partner meet?

"Years ago I decided last minute to join my friends to the Gentse Feesten. My 'now husband' had just returned from a road trip through Europe when his friends asked him to go to the Gentse Feesten as well that Sunday. Both groups happened to attend the same performance and in his 'crew' was an old friend of mine, so we were super excited to see each other and catch up. During the evening our groups intermingled and went to a café where 'we' started talking... That night he dropped me off at home and afterwards told his best mate that he really felt I was 'the one' and he would marry me, which came true 1,5 years later and here we are, after 23 years, still happily married <3."

Describe your partner in three words. 

Smart, loyal and faithfull.

What was your best Valentine's day so far?

"In general we don't like to be too cheesy, so we don't celebrate Valentine's day as most couples do. We tend to claim you can turn every random day into a romantic journey and often the best ones are the unexpected surprises, for instance an unplanned picnic or a spontaneous trip to the beach on a late summer night <3."

What are your plans this Valentine's day then? 

This Valentine we will for sure have a delicious dinner together (insert wine emoji) and we might be at Therme Grimbergen because it is so cosy there and since laptops and phones are not allowed (of course!) it is the perfect place to shut off from the world and only have eyes for each other. 

Which Thermae product or treatment would you love to receive for Valentine's day? 

The full body massage!