03 March 2014

Our spa centre is equipped with spacious, individual floating cabins where you can relax mentally and physically.

Floating means drifting. You drift in pleasant warm water with a high salt content. During the floating session, which lasts 50 minutes, you reach a state of complete relaxation. All the muscles relax, the heartbeat drops, and there’s no longer a hint of stress. Research shows that the level of relaxation achieved during this therapy is comparable to REM sleep. After the floating session, you feel completely relaxed and refreshed. The cabin also gives you the wholesome effects of colour therapy.

A floating session is also effective after playing sport: within a short space of time, you feel completely relaxed mentally and physically and the weariness and stiff muscles disappear.

There are two floating cabins in Thermae Boetfort, there is one in Thermae Grimbergen. You can reserve a session (25 or 50 min) by telephone or through the reception desk.